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The municipality of Bollnäs is situated in southern Hälsingland, with over 13000 people living in the town centre. The River Ljusnan runs through the town, providing good possibilities for bathing, fishing and boat rides, and furthermore there are plenty of small lakes in the adjacent area. You are never far from nature in Bollnäs. There are many fine running tracks in the forests, and cycle paths circle the town centre through beautiful surroundings. One of Sweden's loveliest "People's Parks" is located on a peninsula in the lake Varpen.

You can find shops, restaurants, cafés, cinemas, and all the services you need in the town centre. A large sport stadium lies near the high school, Torsbergsgymnasiet, where you have access to exercise halls, gyms, a cafeteria, and a swimming pool with a bubble pool and a relaxation area.

Bollnäs is also home to Höghammarhallen, where there are excellent possibilities for track-and-field athletes to train. Soccer is played at the Sävsbergs sport centre in the summer, while it is used for hockey and bandy in the winter. Close by is Bollnäs trotting race track, and a large riding school can also be found in the area. About 10 km south of Bollnäs is the 18-hole Hårga golf course, while a mini-golf course is located in the centre, at the Karlslund beach. About 4 km from the town centre you will find Bolleberget, a mountain with both x-country and downhill skiing and many exercise tracks.

Bollnäs is known for it's rich cultural life, and many different clubs. Many of the people who live in Bollnäs are active in music and theatre groups. The Hälsingehambo is one of the large events that return every year.

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